Thrifty Tip: Extreme Couponing

For all you parents out there, there’s a fantastic new publication called From The Nest started by a few journalist moms here in the Ozarks. It’s a free publication that is available at a number of locations around southwest Missouri. They have asked me to write a column giving my take on a new Thrifty Tip for each issue. My first column for the spring edition is about how to get started with extreme couponing. Read it here, then go check out From The Nest online to see all the other great content they have!


Couponing Can Be Fun For The Whole Family

Saving money everywhere possible is a necessity that most families have to contend with in order to make ends meet. Learning how to use coupons and vowing to never pay full price for items that you know you can get for free or for pennies on the dollar is a great way to keep money in the bank (and even get the whole family involved).

ThriftyTipIf you’ve ever had the chance to catch an episode or two of “Extreme Couponing” on The Learning Channel, you already have an idea of the kind of money you can save when you clip coupons. Granted, televisions shows like that are highly dramatized and if you ask anyone of those coupon queens, they will tell you that their normal trips to the store are a mere fraction the size of what you see on the show. The point is to start with small trips and watch the savings pile up.

I started “extreme” couponing about a year ago and I can honestly tell you that I will never pay for toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, Thermacare patches or razors ever again. During my year of couponing, I have built up a stock pile that consumes my spare bedroom’s closet and proven to myself that I won’t let the cost of consumable items control my budget. Going to the grocery store (or the drug store in many instances), should not be the most dreaded part of your week. When the deals start to fit together and it starts to make sense to you, you will look forward to the rush of leaving the grocery store having saved a ton of money on items you used to dread purchasing.

Finish reading all 10 tips at From The Nest (page 16 in the spring issue).


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