Thrifty Tip: Healthy Shopping on a Budget

In case you haven’t heard yet, I’m now a famous freelance writer for this awesome new magazine in southwest Missouri, From The Nest. In case you don’t remember my last thrifty tip about extreme couponing, I will recap. From The Nest is a fantastic new local parenting publication started by a few journalists, turned mom, turned journalist again. It is a free publication that is available at a number of locations around southwest Missouri. In case you can’t get out to find a hard copy, all my adoring fans should read my column first and then check out the rest of the great content in From The Nest.

10 Steps To Keep Your Pantry Stocked For Less

Let’s be honest for a moment. Eating healthy foods and feeding a family are two things that are extremely hard to do on a tight budget. We all have (or know) those kids (and husbands too) who will eat you out of house and home so it feels impossible to give them something healthy without spending a fortune.

ThriftyTip 2A little background here: I grew up with a mom trying to feed trying to feed three ravenous teenage girls and a husband on a tight budget. Now, I’m out on my own and, even though I’m only budgeting for myself, I promise you that the techniques for shopping healthy on a budget work whether you are shopping for a family of one or a family of 50.

You need just a few things to get started shopping healthy on a budget. First, you need a realistic budget that specifically fits your family’s income. You want this number to be only edible, food items. Put your household necessities and personal hygiene items in a different budget category as they are purchased more sporadically. Second, you need the weekly ad from your favorite grocery store(s). Make sure you check for special ads and digital or online only ads too. Third, you need a notebook and a pen. Fourth, you need to look at your schedule and decide when your set shopping day will be. Finally, if you have a stash of coupons, you will need those too.

Now that you have a budget, your coupons, store ads and a shopping day, you’re ready to get started! Read all 10 tips at From The Nest (page 12 in the summer issue).


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