Save The Date!

One of the things I have always been proud of is the fact that I have an arsenal of skills; some that are completely useless and some that can come in handy. I love using my skills to help my friends out (particularly when bartered for other things, like booze). A few months ago, my friends, Chelsea and Ariel, asked me to take some photos for them for their “save the dates” for their wedding. I was more than happy to oblige (although, I have to add, I’m no professional photographer). Following their photoshoot, I also designed the “save the date” post cards.

My favorite part of doing anything creative for someone else is getting to see them happy with the results. (I probably missed my calling as a professional wedding planner here.) Both Chelsea and Ariel loved the photos and the postcards (and so did their families) so I am one happy designer!

Here’s a really sweet montage of their photos:


And, of course, the fabulous “save the date!”

Needless to say, I had a blast helping my friends out with this project for their special day!


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