Thrifty Tip: Sale Cycles

Even though this post is just a little late coming, Oct. 1 was the first day of fall, so I would say I’m right on time! Here’s the next Thrifty Tip installment from the Fall edition of From The Nest, a southwest Missouri magazine for parents. It’s rockin’ and rollin’ on it’s third issue! Check out all the great stories in the Fall issue, of course, after you have read this season’s thrifty tip.

Sale Cycles: Month-by-Month Guide to Shopping Smart


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As we start to wind down from the fun festivities that the summer months bring, it’s time to start thinking about sending those kiddos off to school. (I know there are some moms and dads out there who are more than ready to have those eight kid-free hours back again.) However, with back-to-school season, it costs a pretty penny for most families to get their learning-machines ready for the first day.

Everyone knows that produce is seasonal. The best time to stock up on fruits and vegetables (as well as canning and freezing for the rest of the year) is in the summer when it is at its lowest annual cost. Did you know that the same concept applies to school supplies and most other products? Packaged foods and household items are also seasonal. With each calendar month, there is a new batch of sales that you can count on every year.

You will always find coupons and sales on school supplies during August and September as well as even better sales after school has started until Labor Day. The best thing to do is to plan ahead. When you find an awesome sale (especially paired with a coupon) after school has already started, you will want to stock up for the next school year.

As school supplies won’t be the only item that has a sale cycle, here’s a list of what will be on sale each month. Read about the sales for all 12 months in From The Nest (page 14 in the Fall issue).


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