#2 Dad. He’s the shit!

You know you want to purchase this birthday card. Click here!

You know you want to purchase this birthday card. Click here!

I’m pretty sure when my parents decided that I wasn’t allowed to be an only child anymore, they purposely made a kid that complemented me well. (We sure didn’t think so until we had gotten through those rough teen years.) Laura has got hilarious wit for days and I have a keen eye for graphic design. Together, we have launched our first Etsy shop, SwaterColors. When our powers combine, we hope to bring unique, hilarious greeting cards and handmade items to the masses!

For our first trick, we give you the greatest birthday card ever made. Does your dad have a great sense of humor? Do you think your dad is ‘the shit’? Well if so, this card is definitely for you!

10366248_900647465225_3956835521100178830_nJust in case you don’t get the joke and subsequently think I’m a jerk, here’s how we came up with the idea. For Father’s Day, we took my dad to Boulevardia, a beer festival in KC. As we were walking through one of the vendor areas, we saw a guy with a booth with some Father’s Day cards and one of them said, “#2 Dad. Still pretty good.” My dad thought that was hilarious, and as my sister and I were walking by we decided that it would be more hilarious if it said, “He’s the shit!” The moral of this story is we find poop jokes hilarious and we find puns hilarious. Put the two together? Magic.

Seriously. Go buy your dad a card. Because hilarious.


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