After the KC Color Run. So much fun!

After the KC Color Run. So much fun!

Here we go! I have always loved food and during my six years of higher education, I had your typical “college student” diet of beer, fast food and studying. (The beer and Taco Bell bit was most prevalent during my undergraduate years.) After graduating and transitioning to adult life, I actually got tired of eating the junk and started dabbling in some cooking to try to get healthier. And what do you know?! I loved it.

When I say that I love food, I mean it. I will try anything and everything. In fact, I want to travel so I can try authentic foods from around the world.

I'm a wine-o for sure.

I’m a wine-o for sure.

Recently, I actually started doing some research about what is in the food we eat. Many processed foods include toxic preservatives and artificial ingredients, produce is covered in pesticides, animals are pumped full of antibiotics, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are everywhere, and so much more. Now, my passion in cooking has transformed to doing my best to cook whole, organic foods and avoid processed foods when I can.

Now that you know a little about the foodie in me, the second love of my life, Dante the Kitteh, needs a shout out. I’m definitely a cat person (but, I love dogs too!) and from time to time you’ll get to see adorable pictures of Dante as well as funny bits about cats.

Dante. The kitty in this kitty lover's kitchen. :)

Dante. The kitty in this kitty lover’s kitchen. 🙂

Outside of my love for food and cats, a love for social media and design has captured the heart of my professional life. By night I am an amateur chef, by day I am a public relations professional. I love my job. In fact, it is the dream job that I never knew that I wanted.

So, sit back and enjoy learning some new recipes and maybe some money saving tips!


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