Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potato

I’ve started counting my macros recently, in addition to trying to be successful at WeightWatchers, so I’ve been trying to get creative with my protein and carbs lately. Here’s the latest creation:

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potato

Serves 6 | 10 points per serving
45 g protein | 32 g carbs | 12 g fat
Prep: >5 minutes | Cook: 6 hours  Continue reading


Never Buy Salad Dressing Again!


Here’s Harold the Turkey, our Thanksgiving mascot.

Over Thanksgiving I was put in charge of handling “leftover day” and appeasing 25 different people. We had quite the hodge podge of a leftover feast after it was all said and done. We ended up with mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, turkey soup, and a nice salad.

After more than a year of a paleo lifestyle, you’ll never catch me buying salad dressing from the store. It’s way more delicious (and super simple) to just make it yourself. At the request of a number of family members, I give you two of my favorite salad dressing recipes. Continue reading

Green Bean Casserole [with a kick!]

Green Bean Casserole [with a kick!]

Ah, Thanksgiving. The holiday that will ALWAYS come before Christmas. I’m no Scrooge, but Christmas lights, trees and music do not belong in existence until November 29.

Anyway, green bean casserole is, and will always be, my favorite Thanksgiving side dish that I will inevitably eat three helpings of. It is super easy to make and exceptionally dummy proof, and *bonus* it’s really cheap to make. I’ve spent my college years perfecting the recipe that I take to all of my “Friendsgiving” holiday parties. As always, it was a hit this year! Continue reading